For Immediate Release: April 29, 2019

NARAL Celebrates Defeat of Anti-Choice Legislation At Conclusion of Iowa Legislative Session

Pro-choice activists and champions held the line against multiple attempts by Republicans to strip reproductive freedoms away from Iowans

NARAL members are celebrating the defeat of two anti-choice measures, pushed by Iowa Republicans, after the legislative session came to a close this weekend. Extreme legislators attempted to force through two cruel and draconian bills—a constitutional amendment proposal (SJR9), which would have put the rights of Iowa women and families in jeopardy and a “personhood” bill (SF523), which would have given a fertilized egg more rights than a pregnant person. This victory comes thanks to the persistent grassroots organizing efforts of activists fighting for reproductive freedom and leaders in the legislature who stood strong against these extreme measures.

“The defeat of extreme legislation proposed by Iowa Republicans to gut reproductive freedom is a victory for NARAL Pro-Choice Iowa, our allies, and women and families across the state,” said NARAL Pro-Choice Iowa Lead Organizer Chelsea Chism-Vargas. “While we recognize this victory at the end of the legislative session, we are staying vigilant, mobilizing our members, and continuing to defend the reproductive rights of all Iowans. These measures do not represent the values of most Iowans who support access to safe and legal abortion and reproductive freedom. That’s exactly why NARAL and our members will continue to fight to hold anti-choice politicians accountable all the way to the ballot box.”

Republican politicians in Iowa have made it clear that they see the path to banning Roe v. Wade. But 7 in 10 Iowans support access to safe and legal abortions and believe politicians shouldn’t interfere with decisions made by a woman with her doctor.

Restricting abortion access in Iowa has proven to be controversial and incredibly unpopular across the state. In January, Polk County District Judge Michael Huppert struck down an unconstitutional law that would ban abortion before many women even know they are pregnant.

The failure of these latest severe bills is another proof-point that Iowans do not want government interfering in their personal healthcare decisions. NARAL members across Iowa are prepared to hold anyone who puts their own political ambition over the best interests of Iowans accountable during the 2019 legislative session and into 2020.

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